Star Trek The Official Starship Collection U.S.S. Melbourne


  • Officially-licensed Star Trek merchandise
  • Type: Starship
  • Registry: NCC-62043
  • Owner: United Federation of Planets
  • Comes with a display stand to display at home or office.
  • Inside the magazine is an in-depth profile of the Nebula class U.S.S. Melbourne, a Starfleet vessel that formed part of the armada to engage the Borg at Wolf 359. We take a look at the various Starfleet starships to belong to the design lineage of the nebula class and their appearances in STAR TREK over the years.

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The U.S.S. Melbourne was one of many Federation ships destroyed in the Battle of Wolf 359, as seen in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode ‘The Best of Both Worlds Part II’. The U.S.S. Melbourne NCC-62043 starship has painstakingly been recreated in die-cast with extraordinary attention to detail capturing the ships two dorsal placed warp nacelles above the saucer section.

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