The Great Cake Escape Board Game


  • Great table presence – The beautifully illustrated cardboard cake is colorful and exciting
  • 3D pieces store easily – Three tiers come preassembled and nest inside each other for storage making assembly and cleanup a breeze.
  • A piece of cake! – Quick setup, easy to learn, fast gameplay.


  • 3-D Cake with three layers!
  • 44 tool pieces (11 per player)
  • Rulesheet

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In The Great Cake Escape, players take turns pushing tools in between the layers of a 3-layer, 3D cake—tools like shovels, chainsaws, and even dynamite! As you try to hide your pieces, you’ll push your opponents’ out, or at least make them visible enough to get caught by the guards. The more you hide, the higher you score!

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